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At Port Macquarie Taxis we understand that getting from point A to B is important. That’s why we have designed our services to meet the needs of the local Hastings community.

24 Hour Service

We operate 24 hours a day and are available 365 days a year. Whether it’s a public holiday, Christmas day or mid-week, we will get you where you need to go.

Our Fleet

We operate a range of vehicles for you to choose from, including:

  • Hybrid Sedans including baby capsules
  • Maxi Taxis including Wheelchair access

Booking Options

Make a booking by phone by calling (02) 6581 0081, book online or download our free taxi booking app via the links below:

Book a taxi on Google play    Book a taxi on your iPhone

Payment Options

You can pay for your taxi by cash, Eftpos and Cabcharge.

Fare Estimate/Quote

Gain a fare estimate for your next taxi ride or contact us for a quote.

Maximum Fares in Country Areas

Hiring Charge: $4.10
A Passenger Service Levy of $1.10 (inc GST) will be added to your fare for a taxi service for which the levy is payable from 1 February 2018.

Distance Rate: $2.26 per kilometre for the first 12 kilometres and $3.13 per kilometre thereafter

Night Distance Rate: 10pm to 6am $2.71 per kilometre for the first 12 kilometres and $3.75 per kilometre thereafter

Holiday Distance Rate: $2.71 per kilometre for the first 12 kilometres and $3.75 per kilometre thereafter

Booking Fee: $1.20

Waiting Time: 96.0 cents per minute ($57.65 per hour)

Tolls: All tolls are payable in addition to the authorised fare in relation to a journey in a taxi-cab licensed to operate in either an Urban Area or a Country Area.

Maxi-Cabs (seating for 5 or more adults, in addition to the driver): Except in the case of a multiple hiring, up to 150% of the maximum fares and charges (excluding tolls) may be charged if:

  • The maxi-cab is pre-booked and/or requested, regardless of the number of passengers.
  • The maxi-cab is hired from a taxi zone or street hail, if there are 5 or more passengers.

Multiple Hirings: 75% of the maximum fare per passenger, for a multiple hiring:

  • Agreed to with the consent of the driver and all hirers.
  • All hirers commence journey at the same time and travel to destinations in same general direction.

Sharing a Taxi: 100% of the maximum fare paid by the hirer – even if the hirer requires the driver to permit other passengers to share the taxi or to drive to other locations before driving to the hirer’s destination.

Cleaning Fee: If, during the course of a taxi service, a passenger soils a taxi in such a manner that the taxi is no longer clean and tidy and the taxi could not reasonably be expected to be used to provide a passenger service before being cleaned, the driver is entitled to collect, and the hirer must pay, a cleaning fee that may not exceed $120.00 (plus GST).

Port Macquarie Airport Transfers

Port Macquarie Taxis offers airports transfers catering for all arrival and departure flights from Port Macquarie Airport.

Passenger Safety

Our vehicles include in-car camera surveillance and our drivers have undertaken safety training and security checks to ensure your journey is a safe one.

Our taxi ranks are monitored by CCTV and in some locations have security guards present.

Disability Support

We believe in making taxi travel for people with a disability accessible, safe and easy.

Our fleet of vehicles caters for those people with a disability and includes wheelchair accessible vehicles which are available at all times.

Our service understands and operates as part of the ‘Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme’ (TTSS). Customers who wish to find out more about eligibility to access the Subsidy Scheme, visit http://www.transport.nsw.gov.au/customers/taxis/ttss.

Business Accounts

Port Macquarie Taxis has business accounts available for approved customers. We provide an easy to manage service which includes itemised invoices and password protected employee swipe cards.

Contact us to find out more about arranging a business account.

Book A Taxi Online

Connecting you any time, any day, anywhere!

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