Meet John Bishop Port Taxi’s Industry Veteran

John will reach 50 years in the taxi industry next year, beginning his driving career in Sydney after his boss, who owned a hardware store and a cab, offered him some weekend work in 1968.

John says this is when he caught the bug and hasn’t been able to shake it since! “Driving a taxi is just in my blood; you never know where you might go, or who you might meet.” The sense of adventure and constant interaction with new people and regulars has always been and continues to be the attraction: “As long as they continue to renew my driving authority, I will keep at it – I’m not getting any younger, you know!”

With volumes of fond memories and funny stories to share, the first thought to mind is the personal relationships created and appreciation John receives from his regular passengers, many of whom rely solely on taxi transportation to connect them with their family, friends and the community.

John has had his fair share of mad dashes to the hospital with expectant mums and once collaborated with police in apprehending a passenger who was a wanted criminal, but notes a very distracting ride with No:96 TV star Abigail in the back seat as a career highlight!

While not full-time anymore, John fully intends to stay behind the wheel until next year, to commemorate the exciting 50 year milestone before his retirement.

John moved his family to Port Macquarie and has been an integral member of the Port Macquarie Taxis network since 1987 – clocking up 30 years of service as our second longest serving driver.

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